End of the Year Library Survey with Materials to Use in Your Own Classroom

So I had this idea…. In my classroom each year I had the students take a survey to help

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me become a better teacher. I wanted to know the activities that they enjoyed, what they learned from, and what I could improve upon with the upcoming year. Each year I looked forward to the students’ perspective on how our year together went, and each year I made changed to my instruction based on the advice of the opinions I care most about, my students.

This year as I began to mental wrap up my thoughts about my first year in the library I knew I was missing something, my students views. I wanted to reach as many students as possible, so I created two ways to get student voices heard. I created a FlipGrid, where students could upload a video reflection, and a Google Form for written reflections. I then created a few posters and some signage for the library and the hallways as well as bookmarks to slip in between the pages during check out.

The questions I chose to include were:

  • What did you enjoy about the library this year?
  • What changes would you make to the library for next year?
  • What is one thing you wish Mrs. Reeh would know?
  • Name (optional)

I think it is important for the students to know that the survey can be completely anonymous. I feel that this promotes honesty and allows me to grow as a professional. I have ran the survey for the last week. Here is some of the feedback I have had so far:

Screen SHot 2. PNG

  • Results after four days

Based on the feedback I have gotten so far, I will make the following changes for next year:

  • Most of the students mentioned something about the environment being comfortable. I would like to amplify that, by creating additional collaborative spaces for small group work, as well as individual reading areas where there are pillows, ottomans, and bean bags for optional, mobile seating.
  • I will also continue to decorate the library to add to the fun, festive feeling. One idea I have is to create competitions to decorate according to the different genres. For example students could “adopt” the fantasy section and create a Harry Potter themed area, or another set of students could adopt the mystery section, creating a crime scene complete with clues, etc. Still a brain child… this may be a great way to kick off the start of the 2017-2018 school year.

I plan on sharing the feedback collected with my administrative team. Together, we may find a way to help amplify the positives and improve on the areas mentioned by students that “need improvement.”

Here is a link to the Google Drive where you can find and make a copy of any of my survey materials.


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