ISTE 2017 Day 1 Reflection, Ideas: Cultivating a growth mindset in your school community

So I had this idea… to go to ISTE 2017 in San Antonio.

While the conference technically doesn’t start until tomorrow my husband and I drove down a day early to attend an un-conference, Hack Education, lead by Steve Hargadon (@stevehargadon).

Big Idea from Day #1: How can we help cultivate a growth mindset for our school community?Capture.PNG

  • Use Badges to Show Effective Tech Implementation: While badges are not a new concept, using them to show effective teaching and tech integration may help start staff conversations and build a school community with a growth mindset. For example, if you attend a professional development session on a new tech tool, implement it effectively, and complete a reflection (i.e. What did you like? dislike? What problems did you encounter? What would you change next time? What other ideas do you have for this tool in the future?) you would earn a badge that would be
  • Capture.PNG

    Laminate the sign and post it outside of your classroom to advertise your passions. I made mine using Piktochart.

    displayed outside your classroom. This would mark you as person who could mentor other teachers in the implementation of the new tool. The badge could be a conversation starter and help spread the word about new tools. Badges can be made very easily on Canva.

  • “Ask Me About…”: Each teacher displays an “Ask Me” sign outside of their classroom and updates it with something that he or she is passionate about and would like to discuss with other teachers or with students. This could include a new tech tool, a book recently read, or a new hobby. Where there is conversation and friendship, learning and growth can occur.
  • Technology Integration Matrix Self Assessment: Provide teachers with a self-evaluation tool like this one from the Florida Center for Technology Integration. In order to pinpoint specific anxiety areas, a survey may help you pair teachers up based on their relative areas of strength or weakness.



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