ISTE 2017 Day 2 Reflection, Ideas: “What you learned without joy, you forget without sorrow.”

Today was the first official day of ISTE 2017 complete with an amazing keynote


Creator of RadioLab 

speaker, Jad Abumrad (@jadabumrad). My podcast loving heart was bursting to meet the creator of one of my favorite podcasts, More Perfect.



While Jad spoke I couldn’t help but notice the amount of joy that he takes from his work, his passion for his craft. When was the last time I saw my students truly joyful at school? If I asked my students what their passionate about, would they be able to produce an answer? When did we loose the joy in education and start to take ourselves so seriously?

Big Idea from Day #2: “What you learned without joy, you forget without sorrow.” (Finnish Proverb) 

  1. Create a space that students want to spend time in: While I was participating in an Ignite session, one presented shared the idea of making the classroom feel like an artist images.jpgstudio. Mistakes will happen. Things will get dirty. It may be loud, but learning is taking place. We need to make our learning spaces less organized for the teacher and more purposeful for the students who will be doing the creating.
  2. Provide opportunities for student voice and choice: If a student is given a voice and a choice in how they show their learning, he or she can share their strengths and use them to demonstrate their understanding in a way that is enjoyable and fun. Technology is a game changer and equalizer for “showing what you know.”
  3. #5min4fun: I am a type A person and teacher. My lesson plans are  organized minute by minute and are kept on track by a timer. However, after reflection, it is the down times that I get to know my students on a deeper, more personal level. Whether it’s the transition times at the beginning of class or while a student is wrapping up their work, during these conversations is when I learn about a grandfather that is in the hospital or a no-hitter that was thrown against a rival team. Why do these conversations need to be relegated to the sidelines? Take 5 minutes to do something fun with your students. It could be an ice breaker, a goofy dance move learned together, or a brain break. Take 5 minutes each day to get to know your students on a deeper level and have a few laughs together.

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