ISTE Day 3 Reflection, Ideas: 12 Tools That I’m Taking Home

Today I had the amazing opportunity to be a fan girl for George Couros’s presentation on transitioning from teaching digital


Before his presentation we had to take a selfie!

citizenship to digital leadership. Instead of warning, cautioning, and bubble wrapping our students before letting them use social media or web 2.0 tools, we need to teach them how to make a positive digital footprint. There is a continuum of digital citizenship: negative, neutral, and positive. It is no longer enough to “not be negative,” but rather, when students names are Googled, positive impacts should be the result.

In order to promote positive digital footprints we need to promote all forms of literacy: digital, informational, and media.

Here are 12 great tools that will help develop multiple literacies. All tools were either new to me today or are older tools that have recently had interesting updates and added features.

  1. Flipgrid
  3. Adobe Spark
  4. We Video 
  5. edu.Buncee
  6. Flocabulary
  7. Sway
  8. PlayPosIt
  9. Office Mix
  10. Google Tour Builder
  11. Candor
  12. Tricider




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