ISTE Day 4 Reflection, Ideas: Give students a launchpad not just a platform.

In today’s powerful keynote Jennie Magiera (@MsMagiera) called on all educators 4hHUIt3c_400x400.jpgto share their inner selves and the untold stories of our students, struggles, and successes. The big take away? Tell your story and, more importantly, make your classroom into a launchpad for students to take ownership of their own stories and share them globally.

There are several ways we can help our students share their voice. 

–Use Spreaker or the free app Opinion to help students create their own podcasts where they can share their passions, interests, hopes and fears. Opinion can be shared to Evernote, Google Drive, etc. in order to share with parents or other sharing sources.

–Start a classroom Youtube Channel where students can share their learning successes, failures, and revisions. This would be great for a Makerspace reflection and recommendations for their next attempt— a great way to collect anecdotal records on the ways in which our students are using the space to accelerate and amplify their learning.

Flipgrid is an amazing tool for students to share short reflections on their learning or their opinions of the lesson and connect with their classmates.

Explain Everything and Educreations can help students share their stories, when they don’t want to necessarily be front and center. Their voice and choice is what matters.

–Blogging on Kidblog, Blogger, or WordPress is a great way for students to share their ideas, hopes, and fears. It does not have to be a “digital portfolio,” but rather a sharing place where students can connect with others of similar interests.




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