Great Plains Google Summit- Ideas and Tools to Start the School Year Right

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.” -Andrew Carnegie

Google Summit

My first attempt at sketch noting—still learning….

The Great Plains Google Summit is a yearly retreat for all things “Google” in the state of Nebraska. Each year amazing presenters are curated from across the United States to come share their knowledge and talents. What I am always astounded with is the variety in the presenters and their chosen passions–for example today I learned about Hyperdocs, creating Google Slides with “Littles,” countless apps and extensions, and Class Intercom, a social media sharing and monitoring platform through Striv TV.

What I loved about today was that I was not a lone representative from my school– two 19983425_10101451609620199_7710030244791828305_oother teachers from my building and countless other members of my district were able to attend the workshops. The amazing discussions, ideas, and excitement for the school year to start is rare on the 14th day of July, but I guarantee it was there. I heard countless times, “I can’t wait to go back to school” uttered from so many teachers. As a learning nerd, I loved it. Here are some of the tools that people couldn’t get enough of today! All are free and are based on upon the G Suite (Google Apps for Education).

  • One Tab– Allows you to condense all of your tabs into a clickable webpage. What’s One Noteawesome is you can share the link with teachers or students. For example if you are curating tools or resources for teachers pull open one tab and share it straight to their inbox. You can also export or import the URLs.
  • (Random Name Generator)- Allows you to upload information, like a list of student names, from a spread sheet. It randomly selects students…but that’s not all. It will also group students and display partnerships in seconds! Awesome took to help keep engagement up in the classroom.
  • Q & A Presenter Tool in Google Slides- Select presenter view and you are automatically given a platform for back-channeling or formative assessments. Great built in tool!
  • Be Internet Awesome– Created with the help of Google, Be Internet Awesome is a way to remind and reinforce digital citizenship with our students. Students navigate the “Interworld” completing challenges based upon different standards of digital citizenship. For example knowing “fact from fiction” on the internet. After playing it, I would recommend it for 3rd through 6th grade.
  • Google Extensions:
    • Coggle is a mind mapping tool that works within Google Docs. You login with Google. To create the “map” add lines or images. What’s awesome is that you can review the revision history, just like a Google Doc, and when you are done, it shares just like a Google Doc. Easy to share with teachers or group members.
    • DocHub allows you to modify a PDF. When selecting a PDF in your Drive, select “Open with DocHub.” You can highlight, whiteout, fill out forms, and create customized signatures right within the one application.
    • LucidPress is a free online design tool that works within Google Docs. It works similar to Publisher, allowing the user to utilize custom templates for items such as posters, menus, banners, and newsletters.
    • is probably the tool I am most excited about. allows you to take notes while watching a video in real time. While using the app your screen is split in half with the video URL on the left, and an area for notes that are “synced” to the video on the right. Time stamps indicate when a note was added. In this way teachers can track when and how students took notes while interacting with a video. When the notes are complete, the student simply shares the notes with his or her teacher! Ingenious!

The time stamp, indicated in the yellow, shows exactly at what point in the video a note was written.

Here is the complete list of notes that my team and I took today. Presenter notes were included when possible.

I also tried my hand at sketch noting after the conference using my new Rocketbook Wave! I found out about this amazing product @iste17.



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